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Why don't I see my campaign in the GoFundMe public search?

posted this on December 10, 2012, 12:40 PM

Your campaign must be approved by a member of our Community Team before it can be searched publicly. Once you setup your GoFundMe campaign, it is ready to accept donations and share with your friends and family.

However, it will not show up publicly on GoFundMe until it meets 3 requirements and is manually approved by a member of our Community Team.

Being listed in Public Search means a couple of things. Most importantly, it allows your friends and family to find you by name, email, or keywords. Additionally, you become eligible to appear in one of our categories, and you could even show up on the homepage.  Being in Public Search means that you’ll be a shining example of how to use GoFundMe. (More about the GoFundMe Homepage)

To help protect donors and to prevent any misuse, GoFundMe requires that you meet the following criteria before being considered for Public Search:

  • $500 in Online Donations
    • Offline donations do not count.

  • Facebook Verified
    • A valid and authentic Facebook account must be connected to your GoFundMe campaign.

    • Facebook accounts that seem to be purposely anonymous will not be accepted .

    • You can only verify by connecting a Personal Facebook account to your campaign. Fan pages or  Facebook Groups will not work.

  • Your campaign needs to have an appropriate photo or video. Here’s what we will deny:

    • Blood, gore, graphic injuries, or any other type of unsettling material.

    • Logos, graphics and clipart.

    • Low quality images that are too blurry, contain too much text, collages, or are not related to your campaign.

    • Invalid Facebook account or Facebook photo


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