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How do I get listed in the GoFundMe search results?

Once you set up your GoFundMe campaign, it's ready to accept donations from anyone you share the link with.


However, it will not show up in the GoFundMe Public Search Directory until it meets 3 requirements and is approved by our Community Team (this can take up to 24 hours).


To help protect donors and to prevent any misuse, GoFundMe requires that you meet the following criteria before being considered for Public Search:

  • Raise €/£/$500 in Online Donations (Offline Donations don't count)
  • Be Facebook Verified
    • A Facebook profile with at least 10 Facebook friends and a profile picture must be connected

    • You can only verify by connecting a Personal Facebook account to your campaign. Fan pages or Facebook Groups will not work.

  • An appropriate photo or video. Your campaign will not be approved if the main image has:

    • Blood, gore, graphic injuries, or any other type of unsettling material.

    • Logos, graphics and clipart.

    • Low quality that's too blurry, contain too much text, collages, or is not related to your campaign.


Keep in mind that donors don't really browse GoFundMe. It's best to focus on sharing your link through email, Facebook and more.


If you'd like to set a custom link that's easy for people to remember, click here to learn more. 

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