Verifying your phone number

You will be required to verify your account by phone for personal fundraisers. Verifying your phone number allows an extra layer of protection whenever you are managing your funds. 

The  phone number must be from the same country that you created the fundraiser in. For example, if you set up a fundraiser in the United States, you will need to have a code sent to a US phone number, within the 50 states.

Note: When you are verifying, enter the 5-digit code contained within the text message, and not the number that the code is sent from. You will have 10 minutes to enter the code. 

Trouble receiving the code

Please try the following troubleshooting steps to re-send it:

  • Versuche es von einem anderen Gerät aus. Wurde der Code bei Eingabe über ein Mobilgerät abgewiesen, versuche es über einen Computer (bzw. im umgekehrten Fall umgekehrt).
  • Try with a different browser and make sure you have a strong internet connection. Google Chrome and Firefox are the most reliable.
  • Contact your phone provider. Some providers may block text messages that are auto-generated.

Please review this Help Center article if you need to change the phone number on your account.

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