Sharing your fundraiser outside of social media

Not everyone wants to use social media, and some people might prefer to be more personal in their sharing efforts. There are plenty of other ways to share your fundraiser, and you can also check out our community for advice directly from organizers on how to do so. 

Regardless of how you decide to share, it's important to keep in mind that sharing once is typically not enough. Try to come up with a plan for when and where you want to share and determine how you want to keep up the momentum on your end.

Email and text message

One of the best and more personal ways to share is to send your  fundraiser link via email or text message to friends and family. To do this from your GoFundMe account, simply click the “Share” button on the top right of your dashboard, and you will be presented with these options and more. 

When sharing via email or text, it’s important to include a message explaining why you’re raising funds and how much the fundraiser means to you. And, of course, include the fundraiser link with an ask for donations. 

Flyers and QR codes

Word of mouth is an amazing way to increase momentum for your fundraiser, and it can be accelerated even more with the aid of a flyer! This can  provide people outside of your network with a physical  reminder of your cause and it gives them something that they can pass along to others they know as well. 

To print a flyer directly through your GoFundMe account, click the “Share” option on your dashboard (shown below), then select “print poster”.


These flyers will include the title and main image of your fundraiser, along with tear-off tabs showing your fundraiser link. Posting these flyers in a community center, on bulletin boards, or at work would be a great way to drum up support.

Another convenient way to share your fundraiser is by using a QR code. A QR code is a type of barcode that people can scan, which will automatically bring them right to your fundraiser page.

To create a QR code for your fundraiser, just follow these steps (in Google Chrome):

  1. Open your fundraiser page in Google Chrome.
  2. Right-click anywhere on the page.
  3. Select “Create QR code for this page”.
  4. Select “Download”

You could put this code on posters, print it out on cards, or paste it into an email.

Remember, sometimes the simplest actions can have the biggest impact. Consider calling a few friends, reaching out to family, or mentioning the fundraiser to your coworkers to let them know about your fundraiser.

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