Adding a GoFundMe Widget to a Blog or Website


You can embed a styled widget that links to your GoFundMe from your website with this code! The widget will be embedded in the language of the fundraiser. 

If you have trouble getting the widget to display properly after trying these steps, please contact your website administrator or host to get personalised support.

Where can I find the GoFundMe Widget to add to my website?

Follow these steps:

  1. Visit your fundraiser page (not your dashboard – the public fundraiser page)
  2. Click "Share" located above the "Donate Now" button
  3. Click "Embed HTML"
  4. Click one of the widget size options for your website
  5. Click "Copy HTML code"
  6. Paste the code into the editor of your blog or website




Social Media: The widget isn't intended to be put on Facebook or Twitter, and most social media sites and comment boxes don't allow HTML embedding like this. Instead, you can just paste your campaign URL there.

WordPress: If you're using the WordPress platform, the widget will only work if you've subscribed to their Business Plan. WordPress restricts the use of some HTML tags on their Free, Personal and Premium Plans for security purposes. You can read more about WordPress code here.


For additional support and advice directly from other GoFundMe Organisers, please have a look at our GoFundMe Community.

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