How to keep up momentum on your fundraiser

You’ve created your fundraiser and shared it with your network but now you might be wondering what comes next? Rest assured, we have a few tips if you’re hoping to gain more momentum on your fundraiser. You can also have a look at this post in our community for additional support, straight  from other organisers.

Share on social media

The most important thing to bear in mind is that sharing is the best way to keep your fundraiser going. The best chance your fundraiser has of reaching a new audience is to be consistent and strategic in sharing it yourself first. Here are a few ideas for keeping up the momentum on social media:

  • Post weekly Facebook or Instagram updates about the status of your fundraiser and how the funds have helped you so far. Be specific about how much you still need to raise and how you will use those funds - people are often more likely to donate if they can see exactly how their contribution will help!
  • Send a message to other groups that have a similar purpose to your fundraiser. Are you raising funds for your pet’s vet bill? Ask to share your page on the local dog park’s page. There are a lot of public Facebook and Instagram groups out there and many are filled with people who would love to contribute.  This is a great option for organisers who may not have many personal contacts to share with.

Share outside of social media

If you would prefer not to share your fundraiser on social media, that is okay. Here are some suggestions for other ways of sharing:

  • Send update emails to your donors to keep them in the loop and ask if they can share the fundraiser on your behalf.
  • Make phone calls or send text messages to people that might donate or share; supporters can simply click the "Share" button on your fundraiser page to share on their own accounts.
  • Print flyers that include your fundraiser link, which can be shared with colleagues or posted on noticeboards. To print from your GoFundMe account, simply click "Share" and then choose "print poster".

Challenge your donors

This is a perfect way to get your donors involved, even if they’re not able to donate a lot to the fundraiser themselves. The idea is to ask your donors to "give 5, tell 5" which means that they should donate $5 to your fundraiser and also tell 5 people in their own network about it. 

This will enable your fundraiser to reach even more new people, with minimal effort from your donors!

For more advice straight from other organisers about how to keep up momentum, see the Sharing Strategies room in the GoFundMe community.

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