Reporting a fundraiser created in your name

Our team is here to make sure that we protect you, your family and your community. Please read the information below about what to do if a fundraiser was created on your behalf.

Fraudulent fundraiser created without your consent

If a GoFundMe was created without your permission, you can report it by clicking the "Report fundraiser" button at the bottom of the fundraiser. Please include your relationship to the organiser and your connection to the fundraiser to assist our team when reviewing your report.

Fundraiser created which you are owed funds from

GoFundMe organisers have the option to add a beneficiary to their fundraiser which allows someone else to receive the funds directly. If someone is raising funds for you and you’re concerned about receiving them, please report the fundraiser here

Our team will review the information you provide and get in touch if they need further details.

Click here to learn more about safety on GoFundMe.

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