Unrecognised donations on your card

Our Payment Review team is working around the clock to prevent the unauthorised use of cards on GoFundMe. If you see a charge on your statement, but did not recently donate on the platform, we are here to help. 

If you’re not sure whether the charge is related to a donation that you made recently, you can search for the donation receipt in your email inbox (the subject line will be "Thank you for your donation"). If you find that you did donate to a fundraiser, but you see two charges, they are  probably for your donation and voluntary tip.

If you are sure that an unauthorised donation was made using your card, please  contact our team by filling out this form. Cards can be compromised and used at any merchant across the web, so it is also essential to contact your card issuer to report the use of the card.

Dealing with a receipt for a donation you did not make

If you've received a receipt but did not donate to a fundraiser, the first thing you should do is review your credit and debit card statements to see if any unauthorised charges have been made. If you see any charges for donations that you did not make, you can contact our team by filling out this form.

If you do not see any charges on your card, it is possible that someone entered the wrong email address when making their donation which resulted in the receipt being sent to you. If you determine that that was the case and you'd like to unsubscribe from GoFundMe emails, you can do so by selecting "Unsubscribe" at the bottom of the email.

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