Withdrawing on behalf of a charity

If your fundraiser is in aid of a charity, there are a couple of options to get the money to that organisation:

  • Set up the funds to go directly to their organisation by selecting "Charity" when setting up the fundraiser. For more information about how organisations receive these funds directly, view this article about charity fundraiser payouts.
  • Deliver the funds to the organisation outside of GoFundMe by selecting "Personal" when setting up the fundraiser. 
  • Add a representative from the charity as the beneficiary so that they can withdraw the funds by selecting "Personal" when setting up the fundraiser.

If you are being prompted to set up withdrawals on GoFundMe but had intended for the money to go directly to the charity, we’re going to have to find a Plan B. Unfortunately, we can’t convert a personal fundraiser to a charity fundraiser at this point. 

If you know someone from the charity who could withdraw the funds, you could add them as the beneficiary. Otherwise, the best course of action is to withdraw the funds into your bank account and then transfer them to the charity outside of GoFundMe. While it may not have been your first choice, it can be really rewarding to deliver this in a personal way!


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What to do next 

Learn more

Work for the charity

Withdraw as an organisation

Business or Organisation withdrawals article

Do not work for the charity

Withdraw personally and transfer funds to the charity 


Send a beneficiary invitation to the charity (you will need to be in contact with them to send them an invitation)

Steps 4- 7 of How do I Withdraw Money article. 

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