Posting updates

Updates are a great way to rally support, revitalise your fundraiser and let donors know what has happened since they made their donation, which can keep up your fundraiser's momentum! Update emails are sent to donors from your fundraiser, as long as they haven't unsubscribed. 

Remember to post updates regularly to sustain the momentum you create with your fundraiser. For additional support and advice directly from other GoFundMe organisers, please visit our GoFundMe Community.

Ideas for what to include in your updates:

  • Let your supporters know how grateful you are for their help so far.
  • Give an update on how you (or your beneficiary) is doing – and share a photo. 
  • Ask supporters to continue sharing the fundraiser to get the word out – this is the most important thing to generate more donations.
  • Share some of the kind words of encouragement which donors have posted with their donations.
  • Remind supporters that even a $5 donation or a share will get you closer to reaching your target.

Here is an example of an update message: 

Hi everyone, I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for your thoughts and donations which have made a big difference to my poorly puppy.  

Sparky thanks you too and is feeling a bit better today after his trip to the vet earlier. He'll need to go back next week for more injections.  If you can, please share our fundraiser link <link> with 3 animal lovers you know over social media, email or text with a quick message about why you donated. Spreading the word is a huge help to us as Sparky continues to recover. More photos to come next week!

We also recommend having a look at these fundraisers to see other examples of successful update posts:

To post an update, follow these steps after signing in to your GoFundMe account:

  1. Click "Manage" on the fundraiser you want to send an update from
  2. Select the ''Update'' button on the right-hand side of your computer or on the bottom of the screen on the app
  3. Write your update where it says "Share your news..." in the box and click ''Add photo or video" if you’d like to add images or videos
  4. Tick the ''Facebook, Twitter, and Donors & followers'' options to spread your update beyond just the fundraiser page. Untick these options if you would prefer not to share there (in this case it would just be posted on your GoFundMe page)
  5. Click ''Post Update''


To edit or delete an update, follow these steps in your GoFundMe account:

  1. Select the "Updates" tab from the middle of your dashboard 
  2. Select the three, small vertical dots next to the update you would like to edit
  3. Select "Edit update" or "Delete update" depending on the action you want to take
  4. If editing, make the desired changes and then select "Edit update" again to submit. If deleting, select "Yes, delete" to confirm the action


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