Trouble sending beneficiary invitation

If you are having trouble sending a beneficiary invitation, it is likely one of the following reasons:

  • Your beneficiary already has an active GoFundMe account with a different payment processor.
  • The invitation is being sent to their spam or junk mail filters.
  • You have already set up the withdrawals and your account is being reviewed by our payment processor.

Try a different email address

If the beneficiary has another email address, the quickest solution is to send a new beneficiary invitation to their alternative email address.

If your beneficiary doesn't have an email address, it makes it difficult for our team to help them withdraw. We suggest getting your beneficiary set up with a Gmail email account because it will be easy to use and takes only a moment to get up and running. Set up a Gmail account for your beneficiary here. 

When the email address is ready, please add them as your fundraiser's beneficiary so they can withdraw the funds themselves. To do that, click the "Withdraw" button at the top right of your GoFundMe Dashboard and choose "Someone else." You can enter their name and email address there.

Ask your beneficiary to check their spam or junk mail

Email servers may see our emails as spam and filter them out of your beneficiary's inbox. Have them search for "GoFundMe" in their entire inbox.

Did you add bank information before sending the invitation?

If you have already added bank information, you will not be able to send a successful beneficiary invitation. 

If the bank information on file is yours, please check your inbox for an email requesting for documentation to review your account. 

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