Video fundraising tips

Using video in your fundraiser helps tell your story in a more personal way and builds an authentic connection with your donors. We have a few tips to help you create a meaningful fundraising video.

Please note: You will need to use our mobile app to record a video directly on GoFundMe.

Consider writing an outline or script

If speaking in the moment feels too intimidating, it can be helpful to start by writing down what you’re going to say. Sometimes, the exercise of writing a few bullet points will help structure your thoughts and give you the confidence to talk freely. Other times, you might want to memorise exactly what you’ll be saying. If you feel comfortable jumping right in, don’t let us stop you!

What to say in your video

There are a few 'must haves' that can sometimes slip our minds, such as your name and what you’re raising funds for, so make sure you include those. Beyond that, here are some ideas for points to include:

  • Talk about why this cause is important to you.
  • If you’re raising funds for someone else, explain who will benefit from the fundraiser and why you want to help them.
  • Give a preview of how the funds will be used. No need to give every detail, but an overview might help.
  • Remind people that sharing your fundraiser is just as important as donating.

We know it can feel awkward to explain what might be a personal or emotional experience, but remember that your authenticity will really inspire others to help. 

Choose your title and goal amount

Your title should be specific to your cause. Using names or a call to action can help make it more personal. For example, ‘Help Kelly smile again’ has more impact than ‘Funds for the dentist.’

When it comes to setting a goal amount, being specific helps others feel like you have a plan for the funds, even if you’re still in the process of working things out. You can always change your goal amount later if your circumstances change.

You’ll also be able to add a short description to your video, which can include more details on what you’re fundraising for or how you’re going to be using the funds.

Record a quality video

Here are some of our top tips for recording a great video on your smartphone:

  • Choose somewhere quiet where you feel comfortable speaking out loud about your fundraiser.
  • Speak loudly enough that people can hear you and slowly enough that it doesn’t feel rushed.
  • Try not to record too close up – holding or placing your phone an arm's length away helps to avoid any distortion from the camera lens.
  • Make sure there is good, natural lighting. Generally, it's better if there’s no bright light coming from behind you. 
  • Record with the phone straight up and down, not sideways. The video will be posted with portrait orientation.

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