Removing a hold on your fundraiser

Why have my withdrawals been paused? 

Our team will sometimes temporarily pause outgoing withdrawals to an organiser or beneficiary's bank account while we review the fundraiser. Usually this is because we need more information about the fundraiser to ensure donors understand how their donations are handled and to help make the fundraiser as successful as possible. Don’t worry – our team wants to help you resolve this right away so you can keep on fundraising and receiving your donations. 

Will GoFundMe notify me about my account?

If your withdrawals have been paused and we need more information from you, we will notify you in several ways. Please bear in mind that in some situations, you may not receive an email alert from us or you may notice that your withdrawals have been paused before we can contact you.

Two ways we may notify you: 

  • This red banner stating "Your fundraiser is currently under review and withdrawals are on hold" will appear in your account:


  • Sometimes the GoFundMe organiser or beneficiary will receive an email with the subject line "Important Message from GoFundMe – Response Required" or "Urgent Message from GoFundMe – Action Required". Please note that this email could be hiding in your spam, junk or inbox folders. If you are the recipient of the funds, you will need to ask the GoFundMe organiser to check whether they have received this email.

How can I resolve this and receive my funds?

In order to receive your funds as quickly as possible, please find and reply to the email.

If you find that your fundraiser can no longer accept donations or you cannot withdraw your funds, please contact our team here.

Once you have replied directly to our email, a member of our team will review your account. You will receive a reply from our team letting you know that either we need additional information or the review has been completed and you’re ready to keep fundraising and receiving your funds. Please refrain from submitting multiple requests for the review to our team, as this can delay the process.

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