Stripe fundraisers

Stripe is the payment partner that GoFundMe uses for selected European countries. These accounts have a few important differences to be aware of when managing your withdrawals. 

You will have a Stripe account if you are located in one of the following countries: 

Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, Sweden and Switzerland

Note: Some fundraisers created in the United States and all fundraisers started in Canada on or after 29 May 2020 are connected to Stripe, but these accounts have a few different features. For more information about these Stripe accounts, please see these articles instead of continuing here:

How to withdraw on Stripe

  1.  Activate your Stripe account in one of the following ways:

NB: Make sure that you activate your Stripe account as soon as possible. If you don't activate it within 7 days of your first donation, your fundraiser will stop accepting new donations and after  21 days, all donations to your fundraiser will be refunded.

2.  Add a bank account:

    • If the funds are for you, you can add your own bank details
    • If the funds are for someone else, you can add their bank details 

NB:  Once you've added a bank account to Stripe, all future fundraisers created with the same GoFundMe email will be tied to this account.

Once your bank details have been verified, funds will automatically be sent on a rolling 7-day basis. For example, a donation received on Monday would be deposited in your bank account the following Monday.

How to change your bank account on Stripe 

Once you've activated your Stripe account and added your bank details, you can follow these steps to change your bank account:

  1. Sign in to your Stripe account
  2. On the left-hand menu bar, select "Balance" and then "Settings"
  3. Select "Edit"
  4. Enter the new bank account details in the fields shown 
  5. Choose "Update Bank Account" to save
  6. To close the window, select "Done" in the bottom right-hand corner

To find out more about Stripe and how it works with GoFundMe, read their GoFundMe FAQ here.

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