Extra or larger than expected charge on statement

Seeing an extra or larger than expected charge on your statement can be confusing. We’re happy to clear up any questions and help arrange a refund if needed. The difference in amounts could be due to one of the following reasons. 

The GoFundMe Tip 

Voluntary contributions may show as an additional charge, but they aren’t mandatory and all donors have the opportunity to contribute their preferred amount or leave no voluntary contribution at all. You can learn how to change the suggested voluntary contribution amount here.

If you’d like us to refund the tip, please submit a refund request here.

Donors’ voluntary contributions are in addition to their donations and are used to help us provide a safe and secure fundraising experience for you and others in our community. Your donation receipt will show a breakdown of your donation to the fundraiser and the amount of the voluntary contribution to GoFundMe. On your statement, this may show up as a single, combined charge or as two separate charges.

Currency conversion

If you donate to a fundraiser in a currency different from your own, you’ll be charged in the fundraiser’s currency. This means that the charge on your card could be higher or lower than expected. 

To see if this might be the case, you can confirm the currency used on the fundraiser page. If you donated more or less than you meant to in a different currency, please submit a refund request here.

Other Pending Charges

Credit card companies sometimes show attempted charges on statements as a security precaution to let their customers know how their cards are being used. 

If you attempted to make your donation more than once, you may see several pending charges on your bank statement, even if the donation only went through successfully once. These additional pending charges will usually drop off within 24 to 48 hours of your payment attempt. If they don’t drop off within 48 hours, please contact us.

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