Changing Your Name

GoFundMe fundraisers must be tied to a single individual, and they must have their full name appear on the fundraiser. The organizer of the GoFundMe fundraiser cannot be anonymous; we have this policy in place to promote transparency.

This also helps your donors feel more comfortable contributing by showing them who is collecting the funds, and gives them a point of contact in case they have any questions.

Please also note that if your account is connected to a Facebook profile, you won't be able to edit your name without disconnecting your Facebook profile first.

To change your name:

  1. Sign in to GoFundMe here
  2. Select the three lines at the top of your screen (if you're on the GoFundMe app, tap your initials in the top right corner instead)
  3. Select "Account settings" from the drop-down menu
  4. Change your name and click "Save changes" at the bottom of the screen

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