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GoFundMe Guide: I am a Beneficiary

This article is a guide for GoFundMe Beneficiaries who have been added to an account by a Campaign Organiser. For information on how to add a beneficiary, please view one of the following articles:


How do I send the funds to someone else? (UK Only)

How do I send the funds to someone else? (Canada Only)


Someone created a GoFundMe account for me. How does this work?

Your Campaign Organiser will need to send you an email invitation to claim your beneficiary account. After you accept and claim the beneficiary invitation sent to you by your Campaign Organiser, there are a few things you will need to know.

  • As the Beneficiary, you will have sole access to the funds raised on your campaign. You will need to withdraw the funds within 30 days of the day the first donation was made, or the campaign will stop accepting new donations entirely.
  • You will also be able to use your own email address and password to access the Beneficiary account and make changes to your withdrawal settings (such as updating your bank account).
  1. What is a Beneficiary account and how does it work?

When a Campaign Organiser adds a Beneficiary, an email invitation is sent asking them to claim the Beneficiary account. Once the beneficiary has accepted that invitation, a separate but linked GoFundMe account is created for them. The beneficiary can then access the funds and request a withdrawal while still allowing the Campaign Organiser to manage all aspects of the campaign.


  1. How do I receive a Beneficiary invitation and set up withdrawals?

Your Campaign Organiser will be able to send you an invitation to accept the funds by adding you as the Beneficiary to the campaign. Once they have added you as the Beneficiary, an invitation will be emailed to you asking you to accept the funds, then eventually request a withdrawal.


  1. I am the Beneficiary and would like to make changes to the campaign. How do I do this?

Right now, your Beneficiary account only allows you to access the funds and make a withdrawal. If you would like to make changes to the GoFundMe campaign, such as editing the campaign description or adding photos, you will need to contact the Campaign Organiser to make these changes on your behalf.


You can also ask your Campaign Organiser to transfer the GoFundMe campaign to you, so you can have direct access to all the editing features. To transfer the GoFundMe campaign to you, just ask your Campaign Organiser to contact our team and we will help with the transfer process.


  1. I deleted my Beneficiary invitation! How do I receive a new one?

Do not worry! If you deleted the beneficiary invite, just contact our team here and we will help you get a new one.


  1. Can there be more than one Beneficiary for a campaign?

Right now, Beneficiary accounts are only able to accommodate one person as the beneficiary. If you have more than one beneficiary for your campaign, the best thing to do is have one of your beneficiaries withdraw the funds, then agree to distribute the funds to the other beneficiary outside of GoFundMe.


  1. As the Beneficiary, how do I refund one of my donors?

To refund one of your donors, just contact our team directly and we will help you with the process.


  1. How can I get contact information for my donors as the Beneficiary?

Not a problem! While we do not collect phone number or address information from your donors, we are able to get you a list of your donors with their emails. To get this list, just contact our team directly and we will provide that for you.

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