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Updates to our teams feature

We recently launched a new feature allowing team members to view their full impact under the ‘Your impact’ tab on their account. Now, team members can see how many people have donated through their unique share link. Check out this article to learn more about how team members can continue to see their impact with unique share links.

With this update, we're removing some features to help improve the overall GoFundMe fundraising experience:

    1. The option to attribute a donation to a specific team member at checkout (attribution is now automatic through unique share links)
    2. The ability to publicly see donations by team members on the fundraiser page

We've put together the following FAQ to help you understand these updates, but if you still have questions, use the ‘Contact us’ button and we'll connect you to our team.

Q: Why am I no longer able to attribute donations to a team member?

A: Donation attribution is now automatic through unique share links, so donors and organisers won't need to manually choose a team member to credit for a donation. As long as the team member is sharing their unique share link, they'll be able to see the donors and donation amounts they bring to the fundraiser.

Q: Can team members still thank donors and post updates?

A: Yes! Team members can send thank you notes and post updates from their dashboard. Team members still have their own GoFundMe account and can take these actions in their dashboard.

Q: Can fundraiser organisers use unique share links?

A: Yes! Anyone logged into their GoFundMe account will generate unique share links after donating, on the fundraiser page or from within the Manage page of their GoFundMe account.

Q: Is there any way to get my past teams attribution data? If so, how?

A: If you need your past team attribution data, please use the ‘Contact us’ button. All requests will take time to be reviewed and processed.

Q: I have more questions about how team fundraising works. How do I get answers?

A: We'll continue to keep this article updated as new features are released. You can also access our Customer Care team through the ‘Contact us’ button for further assistance.

Q: When will the new features be available?

A: This feature is a top priority for our team. We'll continue to roll out new functionality throughout the year and will simultaneously keep our resources updated with those improvements.

How to get your unique share links

We've made tracking your impact very simple with unique share links. For any GoFundMe customer –organisers, team members, beneficiaries, donors or supporters – just make sure you're logged into your GoFundMe account, and any fundraiser link you copy to share will be a unique share link.   This means you can generate unique share links after donating, from the fundraiser share options and from the Manage dash of your GoFundMe account if you're an organiser, beneficiary or team member.

*Please note: Unique share links are not currently supported on the GoFundMe app. Please use a desktop or mobile browser, like Google Chrome, to generate your unique share links.

How team fundraising can help

Two (or three or four) heads are better than one! Team Fundraising isn’t just for sports teams or clubs – any GoFundMe organiser can feel empowered to call on their friends and family to help raise funds for their cause. Whether it’s a donation drive for your local food pantry or for a loved one in crisis, team fundraising can help provide the support you need. 

For example, if you'd like to start a memorial fundraiser for a loved one who has passed, but you want some help, including team members would allow you to divide responsibilities like posting updates and sending thank yous. Perhaps more importantly, they can also help to support you emotionally as you navigate the best way to honor someone you care about.

Alternatively, if you're in a club or part of a sports team that would like to raise funds together, a team fundraiser would be a great way to allow each member to get involved and personally thank any donors who they inspired to donate.

How to add team members 

From your fundraiser dashboard, select 'Team' below your fundraiser title. You can either copy the link to send directly via text or email, or you can send the invite as an email through GoFundMe. The maximum number of team members you can invite is 100.

Please note: charity representative accounts cannot create team fundraisers at this time. 

Check out successful teams for inspiration here

The GoFundMe organiser will be able to:

  • Add or remove a team member
  • Send a message to your team
  • Remind your teammates to share your fundraiser
  • Set a team photo
  • Come up with a team name 

Team members will be able to:

Each team member will have their own GoFundMe account where they can take the actions listed above and see the donations they bring to the fundraiser under their 'Your impact' dashboard. To email other team members, select the three dots next to their name under the 'Team' tab, then click 'contact team member'. Team members will not be able to access bank transfer information or edit the fundraiser. 

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