Countries supported on GoFundMe

There are currently 19 countries we can send funds to, and the person transferring the funds must meet the transfer requirements of that country. The location of a fundraiser is chosen during the fundraiser creation process and once published, cannot be changed.

We're working to expand our services to more countries in the future but for now, your fundraiser must be created in one of the following countries:


Australia Austria Belgium Canada
Denmark Finland France Germany
Ireland Italy Luxembourg Netherlands
Norway Portugal Spain Sweden
Switzerland United Kingdom United States  


*United States Territories

GoFundMe is not supported in the following US territories:

  • American Samoa
  • Guam
  • Northern Mariana Islands
  • Puerto Rico
  • US Virgin Islands

If you don't meet the transfer requirements for one of these supported countries, please don't create an account and/or fundraiser. If a fundraiser is created by an organiser who doesn't meet supported country requirements, all money raised may well be refunded and the account will be removed from GoFundMe. 

If you accidentally created a fundraiser from an unsupported country or territory and raised funds, please contact us by clicking "Contact us". You'll need to ask someone in one of the supported countries above to raise money for you instead.

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