How to make a donation

Thank you for choosing to support a GoFundMe. You are making a big difference to someone in need. We’ve outlined some helpful details and tips for you to make the process as simple as possible. 

While you don’t need to sign up for a GoFundMe account to make a donation, having an account will enable you to keep track and manage all of your donations. 

After you’ve found the fundraiser, follow these steps to make a donation:  

  1. Click "Donate now" on the fundraiser, then enter the donation amount under "Enter your donation".  Please note that the minimum donation amount is $5.00.

If you are donating to a fundraiser in a country or currency other than your own, see this article.

2. Add an optional tip under "Tip GoFundMe Services". 

Any voluntary tip left by generous donors like you helps us operate safely and securely.  You can learn about how to choose the tip amount here. 

3. Click "Continue", then enter your payment details under "Payment method" 

Learn more about the payment options for donations.  

4. If you would like your donation to be anonymous, tick the box next to "Don't display name publicly on the campaign" 

5. Click "Donate now" to complete your donation. Once your donation has been processed, you will be sent a confirmation receipt. You will also have the opportunity to:

      • Make a bigger impact: Sharing the fundraiser on social media can help the organiser to raise more funds. To do this, choose one of the options under "Now help spread the word". 
      • Add a personal message: If you would like to leave words of encouragement, which will be publicly visible on the fundraiser page, click "Continue" on the sharing page and then the "Add a comment" button.  


Best practices when making a donation

  • Use your personal card and your own email address. Do not use someone else’s card or donate on their behalf.
  • Enter your legal name, not a nickname. If you would like to change the name which is visible on the fundraiser or make your donation anonymous,  you can do so from your receipt. 
  • Do not donate multiple times to the same fundraiser. Instead, donate one larger amount. 
  • If you are a GoFundMe organiser or beneficiary, do not donate to your own fundraiser. If you would like to record funds given to you by someone else, you can add them as offline donations.

If you are having issues contributing to a fundraiser, please read more about how to troubleshoot a failing donation


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