Documents needed to withdraw

Documents won't be needed for every customer, but our payment processor may request them in order to ensure that your money reaches you safely, so it's a good idea to have a valid official ID and recent bank statement to hand.



Hi there! I'm Jules and I want to share a few important things to bear in mind about the verification process:

Even if you’ve already received some money, we may need you  to upload additional supporting documents to send your remaining balance. If you’ve been asked for additional supporting documents, it may take an additional 2 or more working days after we’ve received the supporting documents for your money to reach your bank account.  Additional documentation is required for your security and we thank you in advance for your understanding.


If we need additional supporting documents from you, we may notify you in one or more of the following ways: 

      • An email with the subject line "Action required - withdrawal setup failed." 
      • A prompt to upload documents when you are editing your withdrawal details
      • A banner in your GoFundMe account after log in that says "There was an error in the information you provided for withdrawals"   

To upload your documents: 

1. Begin the upload process from:

      • Email: Click the link provided in the email

NB: If you haven’t receive an email from our team, but believe this situation applies to you, please try going back to your withdrawal set-up by clicking the "withdraw" icon and following the steps to see if you are prompted to upload documents. If not, please contact our team so that we can help you.

      • Your account: Click the "Withdraw" button ("Bank transfer" on the GoFundMe app), then "View Withdraw Overview". Or click the "Please click here to try again" link in the red banner.

2. Confirm that your personal information is correct (if you have not done this recently).

3. Click to upload your document then use a file saved on your desktop or device.  Each file should be at least 100 KB but no larger than 2MB;  JPG files are best for IDs and PDF files are best for bank statements.



Find out more about what is required for each type of document:

  • Personal government-issued ID 
    • Not expired
    • Full legal name that matches bank statement and GoFundMe account
    • the photo must be in colour
    • Include the front and back of the ID (as separate images) or a full passport photo page
    • Show all information – nothing should be blanked out
    • The photo must be clear and show all four corners of the document
    • The file size must be at least 100 KB, but no larger than 2 MB
    • JPGs work better than PDF formatting


  • Personal bank statement
    • Full legal name
    • Bank logo
    • Account or IBAN number
    • Statement must date from less than 3 months ago
    • Sort code (if in the UK/ ROI)


If you are having trouble uploading your documents or are unable to complete the process, please see this troubleshooting article.  You can also use this secure form to upload your documents and our team will be able to assist you.

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