Donation doesn’t show on fundraiser

Why can’t I see my donation on the fundraiser?

If you made a donation and it’s not appearing on the fundraiser, this is probably due to processing times.

Our payment processor reviews donations before finalising them. This means that once you complete a donation, there is a processing period of 1 – 4 working days.

Please refrain from making multiple donation attempts. If you don’t see your donation after 4 working days, please contact our support team. 

Why can’t I see my donation in my GoFundMe account?

If you made a donation and it isn't appearing in your GoFundMe account, this is probably because you weren't signed in when making the donation. Please contact our team if you'd like past donations made with the same email address to be added to your account. For future donations, make sure that you’re signed in and your donation will then appear automatically in your account.

NB: Donations cannot be moved between GoFundMe accounts, so even if you create a new account using the same email address, we won't be able to transfer donations made under an old, deactivated account.

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