Changing the recipient of funds

We can help you change the beneficiary if you have a personal fundraiser and your beneficiary doesn't meet the requirements or is physically/emotionally unable to complete the transfer process.

If you'd like to keep the current beneficiary, but they're having trouble completing the bank transfer process, we can help. The beneficiary can contact our team by clicking 'Contact us', and we'll assist them. 

Change the beneficiary to someone else

To change the current beneficiary, please submit your request to our team using this form. We'll need to receive confirmation from both the current beneficiary and the organiser before we make any changes. 

NB: There are certain cases in which beneficiary changes may not be possible, but in those cases we'll try our best to work with the organiser and beneficiary to find a solution. 

The beneficiary has passed away

In the sad event that a beneficiary has passed away, please have a look at this article.

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