Problems accepting a beneficiary invitation

When an invitation is sent to you from a GoFundMe organizer, you will receive an email titled “An invitation to accept money". You’ll click “accept” within the email, then you’ll be able to sign into your GoFundMe account which will allow you to set up bank transfers.

Didn’t receive the invitation

If you don’t see the email, we recommend that you check your spam folder

You may also ask the organizer to confirm which email address they used, and that they spelled it correctly.

If the invitation was sent to the wrong email address, the GoFundMe organizer will need to cancel the beneficiary invitation and resend it. They can do this from within their own GoFundMe account.

If the email isn’t in your spam, or if the “accept” button isn’t working, you can also accept the invitation by logging into GoFundMe (below).

Can’t accept through email 

  1. Sign into GoFundMe using the email address that the invitation was sent to
  2. Select ‘accept’ on the invitation screen that appears
  3. Enter the code that is sent to your phone via text message

If you do not have a GoFundMe account, please sign up using the same email address that the invitation was sent to. This will allow you to claim the beneficiary account where all your donations are held. 

If you do not see the fundraiser after logging into your GoFundMe account, or you are having trouble logging in, please click "Get help" so that our team can help.

Check out this video for more information about accepting an invitation:

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