How to invite someone else to receive funds

Before you send the invitation, please make sure that your beneficiary fulfils the requirements to receive funds and  read through our list of things to bear in mind.  

You must add a beneficiary during the initial transfer set-up. If you've already completed setting up transfers using your own information, you won't be able to add a beneficiary. In this case, please contact our team to find out how to best handle your situation. 

How to send a beneficiary invitation

The organiser can follow these steps from their own GoFundMe account:

  1. Select the "Transfers" tab from the vertical menu on the left of your dashboard
  2. Select "Someone else's bank account" 
  3. Make sure your email is confirmed and then select "Get started" under "Invite a beneficiary"
  4. You'll be prompted to enter their first and last name and email address (The name you enter here will be publicly shown on the fundraiser page.)
  5. Confirm the that the information you've entered is correct and then select "Send invite"

If you receive an error message when sending the invitation or the beneficiary has trouble accepting it, please try sending it to a different email address. If your beneficiary doesn’t have an alternative email address, please contact our team.

The organiser’s bank transfer page will look like this when a beneficiary has been added:


Look at this video to learn more:

How a beneficiary account works

After your beneficiary has accepted the invitation, a separate GoFundMe account will be created for them that's connected to your fundraiser. They can sign in to this separate account and set up their transfers, then funds will be sent to their bank account automatically. This means that, as the organiser, you will no longer have access to the transfer set-up since all bank details will be added through the new beneficiary account.

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