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Teacher Appreciation Week FAQs

How do I become eligible?

To become eligible, you'll need to begin a campaign for a teacher or classroom between 05/01/2017-05/18/2017, must include the #weloveteachers hashtag, and raise at least $500 online.

How many campaigns are chosen?

100 campaigns will be selected to each receive a $1,000 donation prize, plus one grand prize winner.

How does GoFundMe choose a campaign?

We will have a small panel of GoFundMe employees dedicated to reading through each campaign. They will choose campaigns that impact a large group of students, have been shared widely in their community, and are the most creative.

When will I know if I was selected? 

Our panel will be emailing winning Campaign Organizers to notify them by the end of May. The $1,000 donations will be made to campaigns on June 1st.

How will I know if I'm not selected? 

If you do not receive an email by June 1st, your campaign was not selected. These choices are always hard, so we encourage you to continue rallying support from your community.

Can I start a campaign for my classroom?

Absolutely! Just make sure to meet all the requirements and share with your family and friends.

How do I start one for a teacher?

If you'd like to start a campaign for a teacher, you'll want to create the campaign first in your name and email. You'll then have the ability to add the #weloveteachers hashtag in your story and share why this teacher is so impactful to your community. Please do not start the campaign in the teacher's name if you will be the one to manage it.

Can I withdraw the money? 

So long as you are the benefiting teacher, you can withdraw the funds. If not, you'll need to add the teacher to the campaign as the beneficiary. You can learn more here.

Is my donations tax deductible?

While this is by no means a guarantee, donations on GoFundMe are simply considered to be "personal gifts" which are not, for the most part, taxed as income in the US. We're unable to provide specific tax advice since everyone's situation is different and tax rules can change on a yearly basis. We advise that you maintain adequate records of donations received, and consult with a tax professional.


Additionally, only donations made to a Certified Charity campaigns may be considered eligible for donors to claim as a tax deduction.

What if I already have a campaign for a teacher?

If you already have a created a campaign before May 1st, we will not be able to consider that campaign for our contest; however, you are welcome to start a new campaign and ask donors to contribute to the new page instead. If you would like assistance, please contact our team here.


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