Writing your story - Sharing your need

Potential donors want to know about the people and cause they’re donating to. An impactful GoFundMe story inspires confidence and allows donors to connect with you on a more personal level.

Having at least two paragraphs should give you enough space to share your thoughts. Important things to include are 1) who you are and what is your need, 2) some details about what happened or what will be happening, 3) how the funds will be spent or reach the person you’re raising money for, and 4) a thank you and share request. If you're raising money for others, share how you’re connected to the recipient. 

Let’s consider how this might look with two examples:


In addition to the content of your story, you can further improve the impact and readability of your story by using editing features. Use bold and italic distinctions, and break your text into paragraphs or sections so it's easier to read.

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