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How do withdrawals work? (US & Canada)

Before I Withdraw


Where does the money go? What is WePay?

When you create your GoFundMe account, a separate but linked WePay account is created under the same email. This account holds your donations until you're ready to withdraw them (you can easily withdraw through GoFundMe - don't worry!).

Before you can withdraw your donations, you’ll need to confirm your WePay account via the confirmation email sent to you from GoFundMe/WePay. This email will prompt you to set a password for your WePay account.

Not getting your confirmation email? Click here
Forgot your WePay password? Click here


Setting Up Withdrawals


When can I start withdrawals? How much can I withdraw?

You can set up withdrawals and add your bank account as soon as you get your first donation. Making a withdrawal does not affect your campaign at all. Your campaign’s 'Total Amount Raised' meter will stay the same and you can continue accepting donations for as long as you’d like!


Your first withdrawal will always be for your full available balance. WePay is not able to send partial withdrawals. 


*Note - you must withdraw your donations within 30 days. Read more


What if the donations aren't for me? 

By default, all GoFundMe accounts are set up to individually withdraw the donations yourself. If you'd like to send the donations to another person or an organization, visit one of the following articles for more information:


Setting up a Beneficiary - Common Questions

How do I send the funds to someone else? (US Only)

How do I send the funds to someone else? (Canada Only)

How do I send the funds directly to an organization? (US & Canada)


How long do withdrawals take?

Once a withdrawal leaves your account, it will take 2-5 business days to arrive (weekends and holidays do not count as business days). Unfortunately, we can't make withdrawals arrive faster. WePay sends them as ACH deposits which take a few days for your bank to process. 

Don’t have a bank account? Customers in the US will also have the option to withdraw via a check. Checks take 7-10 business days to arrive. They're sent through USPS, and therefore do not have tracking numbers. Checks are not available in Canada.  


After I Withdraw


Do I have to withdraw again?

After your bank account is added, daily automatic withdrawals will stay turned on in your account. You can change those to weekly or monthly, click here to find out how. Withdrawals cannot be stopped once they've left your account, and they cannot be disabled completely. 


How do I change my bank account?

You can update your bank information by logging in to WePay directly. Read more


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