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Using Reward Levels

Reward Levels are a fun, personalized way to show your appreciation to your donors. Reward Levels can be physical reward, a handmade gift, or just a kind gesture. Feel free to get creative with these!


Not only can Reward Levels be a great way to say thanks, they can encourage people to donate specific amounts, too! For example, if you offer a $25 Reward Level that gifts your donors some homemade chocolate-chip cookies, they may be inclined to donate $25 instead of $10 or $15. This is a fun incentive for donors to not only give more, they also get something exciting in return. This can create a more collaborative and memorable experience for everyone!


How can I add Rewards?

First, you’ll want to make sure that you have all of your ideas ready to go. Then, you’ll want to decide how many Reward Levels you’d like to offer and the amounts. Once you have that figured out, you can create your Reward Levels by following the steps below in your GoFundMe Dashboard:


1. Sign into your GoFundMe account
2. Click the "Edit" tab
3. Click "Campaign Description"
4. Scroll down to the very bottom and click on "Offer Reward Levels"
5. Enter the donation amount required to receive the reward, the name of the reward, and a brief description of the reward
6. Click “Save”


Here's how it looks:

Just a friendly reminder to “Save” all of your Reward Levels. You can always edit or add more too!

Keep in mind that if you're sending out a physical reward, you’ll want to be sure to select the option to ask your donors for their mailing information. You can always export this information later when you're ready to mail them out. See below:

Once you have completed your Reward Levels, your donor’s will see this when they are ready to donate to your campaign after they click on “Donate Now:”

Almost done! Once your donor selects the $25 Reward Level and donates successfully, your campaign will display the following:

Lastly, enjoy baking the chocolate-chip cookies for your donors who generously donated $25!


Pretty rewarding, huh? Now it's time to add some rewards of your own and get your donors excited to give!


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