Trouble making a donation

We truly appreciate your generosity in donating to a GoFundMe fundraiser, and we’re sorry if you’re having trouble with that process. We’ve outlined solutions for the most common reasons that a donation may not process:

If you are receiving a “Pending” status, we recommend that you: 

If you have received an error message, we recommend that you : 

1. Double-check your information 

    • Typos in your card number, CVV code or postcode
    • "First Name/Last Name" fields should match the "Name on card" field (shown below). You can change the way your name appears on the fundraiser after donating.donate_name.png

2. Check with your bank

    • Card declined: Your bank has declined the transaction. To determine why the transaction has been declined, please contact your bank.

3. Contact GFM 

    • There may have been an error processing your donation. Please contact our team and we’ll reply back to you with next steps.
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