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GoFundMe Guide: Using 'Updates' to Increase Donations

Donors love seeing their money in action. You can use ‘Updates’ to keep your supporters and campaign visitors aware of your progress.




 A great side effect of these updates is continued momentum. If your supporters see you're making some progress, they'll want to share again to help you reach your goal! Including pictures and videos is a great way to engage your community, and encourage them to visit your campaign for more content.


When you post your update, your Facebook and email contacts will be notified. We recommend leaving this as is, so you can share your content beyond GoFundMe and drive more traffic to your campaign. If you don't want that to happen, just uncheck the little email and Facebook buttons above the "Post My Update" button. You can also update your Twitter followers with this feature.  

 How do I post, edit, or delete an update? 


To post an update from a computer or mobile phone, please:


1. Sign in to your account at
2. You will arrive at the update screen
3. Add your update message in the ‘post an update’ box
4. Select the ‘Email’, ‘Facebook,’ or ‘Twitter’ options to spread your update beyond GoFundMe, and then click or tap ‘Post My Update’


To post an update from the GoFundMe app, please:


1. Sign into your GoFundMe account in the mobile app
2. To start writing an update, tap ‘Update’ at the top left of your screen
3. Once you start writing your update, if you’d like to include a photo, you can tap the camera icon at the bottom left above your keyboard
4. You can choose who you would like to share your update with by tapping the line above that says ‘To Campaign Supporters…’ Tapping that will let you choose where you’d like to post this update. Then tap ‘Post’ in the top right corner

To edit or delete an update from a computer, please:

1. Sign in at and click on the ‘More’ tab in the upper-right corner of your Dashboard and select ‘Updates’ from the dropdown menu
2. Scroll until you see the update you would like to edit and click on ‘Options’
3. Click ‘Edit Update’ or ‘Delete Update’ and make whatever changes you would like


To edit or delete an update from a mobile phone, please:


1. Sign in to your GoFundMe account and scroll down the update you would like to edit or delete
2. To edit Make the changes you would like and tap ‘Next Step’
3. When you’re ready to save the changes, tap ‘Save Update’ at the bottom right corner


To delete an update from the GoFundMe app, please:


1. Tap the Menu button at the top left of the screen
2. Tap ‘Updates’
3. You’ll see all of your updates starting with the most recent. Tap the trash can icon or ‘Delete’ to delete one of them
4. Confirm you would like to delete this update by tapping ‘Yes’


The update will now be deleted from your campaign, but this will not remove it from any other websites it may have been shared to.


Please note that editing an update is not yet available on the GoFundMe app.

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