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I was going to add a beneficiary, but I’d rather withdraw instead (US Only)

Are you sure? We strongly recommend your beneficiary withdraws the funds directly, for these reasons:


  1. You're not personally liable for any taxes
  2. Future donors will see your beneficiary is receiving the funds directly, further adding to your campaign's credibility (Example of how this looks:
  3. Your beneficiary can easily withdraw the funds and leave automatic withdrawals turned on


If you’ve considered these points and would still like to withdraw the donations, it’s best that you post an update explaining:


  1. How you are related to your beneficiary
  2. That you will be withdrawing the funds in your name
  3. How exactly you will be delivering the funds to your beneficiary


You can post an update on a computer by following these instructions:


  1. Sign in to your account at
  2. You will arrive at the update screen
  3. Add your update message
  4. Make sure to select the "Email" option, as displayed here:
  5. Hit "Post My Update"


Or, post an update from your mobile device by following these instructions:


  1. Sign in to your GoFundMe account at
  2. Tap in the text box under 'Post an Update' to add your update message
  3. Tap 'Next Step' after your update is ready
  4. You can add a photo or video, or you can tap 'Skip' at the bottom to only post your text
  5. Make sure that the toggle for 'My Contacts & Donors' is green, as seen here:
  6. Tap 'Post My Update'


Okay, I’ve done that. Now how do I withdraw?

If you’ve already sent an invitation, click 'Cancel Invite' on the beneficiary information screen. 


If you haven’t sent an invitation, you can click “I’ll Withdraw’ on the beneficiary invitation screen.


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