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Terms of Service / Privacy Policy Changes

GoFundMe is updating our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. We encourage you to read these updates in their entirety, but below are a few changes worth noting.

  • Because the GoFundMe community is expanding internationally, we’ve updated our Terms of Service so that if you are a campaign organizer outside of the United States, you’ll now be contracting with GoFundMe’s subsidiary in Europe.
  • We’ve updated the User Conduct section of the Terms of Service in a few ways, mostly to further restrict the use of our platform to create campaigns that are misleading and to heighten the prohibition of campaigns that promote intolerance of any kind.
  • We’ve added language to the Privacy Policy to ensure that proper consent is secured from third parties whose information is used by a campaign organizer to promote their campaign.
  • We’ve added a section to the Privacy Policy that provides more detail about how we use cookies to enhance our services, ways that you can learn more about how cookies work, and how you can block or delete cookies from your browser or mobile device.

We've gotten a lot of help from our community as we've crafted these updates and we are grateful for that. We’ll continue to look to our community for guidance as our company grows.

If you would like to read more about any of the points listed above, you can review our Terms of Service here.  


If you have any further questions regarding the Terms of Service or Privacy Policies, click here to contact us. 

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