How to create donation momentum on your fundraiser

If you’ve already had some success towards reaching your goal, it's time to keep sharing and promoting your fundraiser. To help you reach your next milestone, try out some of the strategies below.

Share more to get closer to your goal

Keep sharing your fundraiser–one share in your first week won’t be enough. Ask friends, family, and current donors to share your fundraiser with their networks. 


Use GoFundMe provided tools - Updates, thank yous, and edits

GoFundMe has a great toolkit ready to help keep your fundraiser fresh. Post updates, thank donors, and ask them to share. You can even edit your story or add pictures and videos to make sure your fundraiser page is set up well to encourage trust in potential donors. 


Stay safe and avoid fundraiser-related scams

Our Compliance and Safety teams have put together tips to stay safe online. Remember these two things:

  1. Never pay for advertisements or donations
  2. Only reply to official GoFundMe communication

You can learn more detailed tips for fundraising success in our hub for Fundraising Guides. If you have additional questions, you can use the Contact button to get in touch with our Customer Care specialists.

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