Bank transfers stopped

If you were receiving transfers but they’ve stopped, we may need more information from you. We will request two types of information to verify transfers:

Bank or identity information: 

  • Even if you’ve already received some money, you may need to upload documents to send the remaining balance. This is a security measure in place to continue to keep your funds safe.
  • If you have already uploaded documents and your transfers are still on hold, you may want to check this article to see why they weren’t verified.  
  • You can learn more about the document upload process in this article.

Fundraiser information: 

  • Sometimes we need to know more about the intention of your fundraiser, the recipient of the funds, or how the funds will be managed. 
  • If we need this information from you, you will have received an email titled "Important Message from GoFundMe' or ‘Urgent Message from GoFundMe - Action Required".  

You can learn more about what is needed and next steps here.

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