Trouble sending beneficiary invitation

Before you send your beneficiary an invitation to set up bank transfers, please check out this article with a bit of information to know ahead of time. If you are having trouble sending a beneficiary invitation, it is likely for one of the following reasons, which we can help you to resolve:

  • Your beneficiary already has an active GoFundMe account 
  • The invitation is going to your beneficiary’s spam or junk mail
  • You have already set up the transfers through your own  GoFundMe account

Try a different email address

If the invitation isn’t sending, the quickest solution is to ask your beneficiary if they have an alternative email address that you could send the invitation to.

If you've already sent the invitation and need to send it to a different email, you can click "Cancel Invite" on your beneficiary overview, then send a new invitation.

If your beneficiary doesn't have an email address, they won’t be able to set up a GoFundMe account. We suggest setting them up with a Gmail account, because it will be easy to use and takes only a moment to get up and running. Set up a Gmail account for your beneficiary here. 

Ask your beneficiary to check their spam or junk mail

Email servers may consider our emails spam and filter them out of your beneficiary's inbox. The best way to find it is by asking them to search for "GoFundMe" in their entire inbox, which should surface the email for them. 

If you have already set up the transfers through your own  GoFundMe account, you will need to transfer funds yourself.

If you have already added bank information, you will not be able to send a successful beneficiary invitation. You will need to transfer the funds to your own bank account and then send the money to your intended beneficiary outside of GoFundMe.

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