Invite someone else to withdraw money

When inviting someone else to withdraw the funds, please ensure that they meet all the requirements first by reviewing this article here. Once a beneficiary is added, their name will appear on the campaign page along with the organizer's. 

Please ensure your beneficiary has all of the following documents:

      • Official government-issued identification. This can be a driver’s license or a passport.
      • Official bank statements including the following information: 
  1. The bank logo, or bank letterhead (must be issued by the bank).
  2. Their name as the account holder.
  3. The bank account number they will use to withdraw the funds.
  4. The sort code if in the UK or Ireland.

Our payment processor may require this documentation to verify your account details.

Once you have confirmed they meet the requirements, please follow the instructions below:

Step 1. Start by selecting "Withdraw" on your campaign Dashboard. (If using the GoFundMe app, you will select the "Bank transfer" button.)


Step 2. Verify your phone number.


Step 3. Select “Someone else” under “Who will withdraw the funds?”


Step 4. Select “Personal” or "Organization" under “What type of bank account will be used to withdraw?” 

Keep in mind, if the beneficiary will be withdrawing the funds to a business account, you will need to select "organization" as the type of account they will be withdrawing their funds to.

Step 5. Send the invitation to your beneficiary. 


You will need the following information:

  • Beneficiary’s first and last name
  • Beneficiary’s email address

If you receive an error message, please try sending the invitation to another email address. Your beneficiary may have an existing account that is causing the error.

Customers who set up a Stripe account, cannot set up a beneficiary invitation. Instead, you can add your beneficiary’s bank information in your own account. This will only work for Stripe accounts (not based in Canada). If you have a Stripe account, and are in Canada, then you can follow steps 1-4 above to add a beneficiary to your campaign.

After this has been sent successfully, your beneficiary will be sent an email to accept the funds.

Note: Please keep watch in your email inbox (and spam folder) for an email from our team titled, "Important Message from GoFundMe". If you receive that, please respond there as soon as possible. Our team will need to work with you to complete further verification, before funds can be sent.

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