Business account troubleshooting tips

Here, you will find solutions to some common questions about setting up transfers to your business's bank account. 

Trouble verifying business details

Please make sure to update the "Legal Business Name" section from the auto-populated fundraiser title. This should be the organization's name as it appears on government registration documents.

Organization has multiple names

If the registration documents and the bank account show different names for the organization, please use the “Doing business as” section to clarify the difference. Enter your legal business name in the “Legal business name” field, and then enter the name on your bank statement in the “Doing business as” section, shown below:



Trouble verifying Decision-Maker details

If your organization operates outside of the United States, our payment partner requires a minimum of one owner/controller and one signatory to be added to the Decision-Maker section of the verification portal. 

For organizations within the United States, our payment partner requires a minimum of one controller and one signatory to be added to the Business Owner section of the verification portal. If you are considered an ‘owner,’ you will be required to select all 3 roles in the dropdown menu: Owner, Controller, and Signatory.


If you do not meet the requirements of a controller or owner, you will need to coordinate with someone who is considered a controller to add their details to fulfill the requirements in the Business Owner section.  If you’re not sure if you’re considered a controller, please see the list of titles that fulfill this requirement here.

Trouble uploading ID

The images must meet the following criteria:

  • The photo must be in color
  • The photo must be clear and show all four corners of the document
  • The file size must be at least 100 KB but no larger than 2 MB
  • The file type must be a PDF, a JPG or JPEG

Here are some examples:



If you get an error when uploading your image, try the following:

  • Turn off flash and take a new image
  • Crop the image to be closer without cutting off the corners
  • Use a Chrome browser and try an incognito window

All sections appear verified, why haven’t my bank transfers initiated?

If all three sections (Business Details, Business Owner Details, Banking Details) appear verified but you haven’t received bank transfers and you’re continuing to get notifications that our payment partner requires additional information, please make sure that you’ve provided the necessary Business Owner roles required for your country. Please see the section above titled “Trouble verifying business owner details.”

Need to change bank information 

If you have already entered your information but need to make changes, you will need to go back to your transfers page. To do that, simply follow these steps from within your GoFundMe account:

  1. Select “Bank transfers”
  2. Select your bank under the "Linked accounts" section, and you'll be brought to our payment partner's secure information portal

Learn more about changing your bank information in this article.

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