"Action required or donations will be refunded" email alert

If you have received withdrawal reminder emails, but you have $0 left to withdraw, we apologize for the inconvenience. You can disregard these emails and do not need to take any action on your GoFundMe account as long as there is a $0 balance. Rest assured, no funds will be taken from your bank account.

Our payment partner has been refreshing the information on some older payment accounts, and as a result, they cleared the bank details from some fundraisers. This is a security precaution aimed to keep your information safe, but unfortunately, it also results in reminder emails being sent.

As we work on a long-term solution, please disregard these emails as long as they say “Currently, you have $0.00 that has not been withdrawn”.  An example is shown below.



If you do have funds to transfer to your bank and you would like our team’s help, please review this Help Center article.

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