PayPal Giving Fund donation reassignments

All donations made through charity fundraisers on GoFundMe are made to PayPal Giving Fund, who handles the delivery of funds to donors recommended charities.  

Donors acknowledge that their donations will be granted to recommended charities pursuant to PayPal Giving Fund's Terms of Service. While PayPal Giving Fund takes all reasonable steps to attempt to grant donated funds according to the donor's recommendation, PayPal Giving Fund retains exclusive legal control over all donations. 

In the rare case that funds cannot be delivered to a donors recommended charity, PayPal Giving Fund will reassign the donations to a new charity. 

Reasons for reassignments

PayPal Giving Fund can reassign funds from a donors recommended charity for the following reasons:

  • A charity fails to meet the terms of our Nonprofit Certification Policy and/or fails to meet PayPal Giving Fund's due diligence standards
  • If a charity does not enroll and PayPal Giving Fund is unable to pay the charity by check (e.g., a check is returned or is not cashed within the time period specified on the check)

When reassignments take place, PayPal Giving Fund will, whenever possible, contact a donor to ask how they would like their donation reassigned. 

How donations are reassigned 

  • PayPal Giving Fund will (whenever possible) ask the donor to recommend an enrolled charity from the PayPal Giving Fund Directory to benefit from the donation.
  • If PayPal Giving Fund is unable to reach the donor, or the donor chooses not to respond, PayPal Giving Fund will try to grant the funds to a charity that operates in a similar cause area to the charity originally recommended by the donor.

In selecting charities to benefit from such grants, PayPal Giving Fund favor those that have enrolled with PayPal Giving Fund, to enable efficient, secure and cost-effective delivery to charities that have accepted the PayPal Giving Fund Nonprofit User Agreement. For example, if PayPal Giving Fund is unable to make a grant to an unenrolled local organization providing education services, PayPal Giving Fund would typically reassign the funds to a PayPal Giving Fund enrolled national organization providing education services.

For further information, please review PayPal Giving Fund's donation delivery policy. 

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