Withdrawing to a trust account or as an unincorporated organization

If you would like to withdraw your funds to a Trust account or as an organization that has not been issued a registration number or tax ID, please carefully read the following for more information. Please review our Help Center article with detailed instructions on setting up the withdrawals. If you are being asked to upload documents and having trouble with that process, please use this secure form to send your documents to us.

Unincorporated organization or club

  • If your organization is not connected to a registration number, you can enter 0’s (zeroes) when prompted for your tax ID/registration number.
  • You must submit a registration document (or a club charter confirming the establishment) for the organization, signed and dated within the year by the association or club's President or main chairperson. 
  • Upload a valid government-issued photo ID belonging to the person responsible for withdrawing (ultimate beneficial owner), as well as the organization’s bank statement

Trust account

  • Provide the full name of the trust account when setting up withdrawals
  • Be (or be in contact with) a trustee of the account
  • Know if the trust has a tax ID or if it’s connected to an individual’s name

Our payment processor may require the following for a Trust account:

  • The name, email address, and a copy of both sides (front and back) of the government-issued ID for the individual setting up withdrawals.
  • If the Trust is connected to a tax ID, you will need to enter the tax ID and provide a copy of its governmental registration.
  • A picture of the bank statement for the Trust account showing all of the following information:
    • The bank logo, or bank letterhead (must be issued by the bank)
    • The Trust’s name as the account holder
    • The bank account number entered in your GoFundMe account
    • Your sort code (if in the UK)

Please also note the following:

    • If you don’t have a bank statement available, you can also upload a photo of a voided check that shows the entire check from edge to edge and meets the above requirements.
    • If you bank online, screenshots of your online account likely won't be accepted, but you should still be able to download a statement from your online account.
    • The photo is clear and displays all four corners of the document.
    • The file size must be at least 100 KB but no larger than 2 MB.
    • The statement must be no older than 3 months.
    • The file type must be a JPG or JPEG.

Note: Accounts in Canada will not be able to withdraw to an unincorporated organization and should instead withdraw the funds to a personal bank account.

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