How to choose outstanding visual content

How to create outstanding visual content

Creating the content of your fundraiser is one of the most important steps of launching a successful fundraiser. Having clear, easy-to-understand, and engaging content can help potential supporters better understand the purpose of your fundraiser, which could increase donations and shares for your fundraiser. 

Choose quality photos 

Quality photos that connect or tell the purpose of your fundraiser are a key element of successful fundraising. High-quality photos can increase confidence for donors, and result in supporters sharing your fundraisers with their network more often.

There are three places you can add photos to a GoFundMe fundraiser. Your main image, your story, and in updates. Including photos in all three sections can provide easy-to-engage visual updates for visitors. You can find out more about choosing the right images here.

Short on time? Check out these main points:

  • Quality matters. Online users have a short attention span, so you have a few seconds to grab and keep it. Great photos are your key to success.
  • Remember: fundraisers with at least five photos raise more than those with one. The fact is, donors love seeing multiple images.
  • Sharing updates is a great way to inspire donors as your fundraiser gains traction. Refresh your page with new images to keep your fundraiser engaging.

Use a video as an addition to telling your story 

Videos are another great way to tell your organization’s story  and could be another great addition to your fundraiser. You can make a video and set it up as your  “main image” or share it in your story or updates.

Video updates are a good way to humanize your fundraising efforts and let donors know how their donation will make an impact. No matter how you share a video, it’s always best to keep it short and to the point.

For tips on creating a compelling video, you can read this article

Short on time? Check out these main points: 

  • To boost the quality and creativity of your fundraising video, consider enlisting the help of friends with experience shooting and editing video, or college students who have honed their video skills.
  • The best crowdfunding videos are filmed using a tripod, monopod, or other stabilization methods to avoid “shaky cam.”
  • With phones, record your fundraising video horizontally rather than vertically. It makes for better playback on YouTube and other platforms

Engage your community

Content can feel overwhelming. You may have a dedicated team that can help you produce content, or you may be the only individual that works for your organization. No matter the size of your team,  don’t let content stop you from telling your story and reaching out.

If you need help producing content, writing a story, or choosing a great photo, reach out to somebody who may be able to help/

Here are some ideas for engaging your community to produce content:

  • Work with a local photographer in your community to take photos of what your charity is doing
  • Reach out to a college student looking for volunteer hours studying english, journalism, or another related major to edit your story 
  • Ask a donor to record a video about why they support your charity 

A donor, college student, or colleague could be the answer to taking your fundraiser to the next level.

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