Actions to take before ending your fundraiser


Wait! Before you end your fundraiser, there are a few recommended actions you should take. These actions will be helpful in making sure your donors and supporters understand the impact that their generous donations have made. 

Inspiring repeat donors can help with any future fundraising efforts you might have and would just be a moment to reflect on the positive impact you have all made. 

Posting a final update informing donors of the impact of their donations

This is a great opportunity to show your donors how their generous contributions were used, and an excellent way to wrap up your fundraising efforts. A final update will also provide a public place to show the results of your fundraiser to both your current donors and any potential future donors.

Use photos or videos with your update

Including photos or videos with your final update will help the results of your fundraiser really come to life! Go ahead and snap that picture or record that video. 

Thanking your donors

Another personal touch would be to send direct Thank You notes to your donors, just to personally thank them if you haven’t already done so, or you can also provide a bit of a final update. This is also a great way to build a relationship with the donor. You can even send Thank You notes to all your donors at the same time to simplify things a bit.

Here is an article that goes over How to Write a Thank You Letter for a Donation

Deciding whether to turn off donations or deactivate the fundraiser

When ending your fundraiser, you have the option of turning off additional donations or deactivating the fundraiser. Deactivating your fundraiser will remove it from public view. We would recommend simply turning off additional donations so that your fundraising page is still available for you, your donors, and anyone else to see in the future.

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