Methods to recognize your supporters

Recognizing donors who have contributed to your fundraiser is integral to engaging their support for the long-term. By doing so, you can not only foster loyalty, but also encourage new donors to contribute, since they know they will be acknowledged for their support. 

How do I thank our supporters? 

A quick and effective way to acknowledge your supporters is by sending a thank you email or note to them directly. Simple acts of gratitude can go a long way! 

When thanking a donor, here are five tips to consider. 

  • Being prompt can lead to more donations.

  • Being sincere inspires others to give.

  • Showing your supporters how their donations will be used gives them something “attainable” to look forward to.

  • Adding a personalized touch can make the acknowledgements read across as more genuine. 

  • Rereading your letter for continuity and tone will help you keep verbiage consistent with that of your fundraiser. 

You can dive into further detail on these points in this article, including thank you templates to make it even easier to thank your donors.

Want to get even more creative? Check out these twenty affordable ways to creatively thank your donors. 

Share the impact

Inform your donors about the impact of their giving! When someone donates to your fundraiser, they want to know that their generosity will make a difference. Giving donors tangible and practical updates about the money you’ve raised is an effective way to build trust and set them at ease, as they’ll know exactly how their money has been used.
Posting updates is an easy way to accomplish this. Here is an example of an effective fundraiser update:

Hi everyone,

Thank you so much for helping us reach our fundraising goal of $2,500! Because of your generosity, we were able to feed 400 families in our community this month. Normally, we feed 250 families on a monthly basis, you helped us feed 150 more families than normal!

We cannot thank you enough for your donations and sharing with your network. Check out some photos below of our recent event, and we will post more updates in the future showing the impact of your generosity.

Be strategic with your communication frequency 

By recognizing your donors and sharing their impact, you will be faced with the opportunity to send emails, post updates, mail notes, and add new donors to your marketing list. 

These are all effective avenues through which you can forge a strong connection with your supporters, though keep in mind that going overboard can result in too many emails being sent to them — potentially diminishing their interest or engagement in your cause. 

On the other hand, donors may want more communication if updates are not posted often, and if your charity does not have an email marketing program. 

Thus, it is important to communicate with donors at a strategic frequency. 

The ideal frequency for your charity and cause can vary per donor, so consider giving donors the ability to choose their communication frequency for communication, during or after you complete your GoFundMe fundraiser. 

The purpose of your fundraiser is also important to consider. If you’re fundraising for a medical emergency, donors are more likely to want frequent notifications for status updates. If you’re fundraising for an upcoming community event, consider posting weekly/monthly updates as the event nears. 

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