Unsubscribing from fundraiser update emails

If you’d no longer like to receive update emails from fundraisers you've donated to, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Sign into your GoFundMe account
  2. Select your name in the top, right corner and choose "Donations you've made" from the drop down menu
  3. Click “Manage” on the fundraiser you no longer want to receive updates from
  4. Scroll to the Notifications section and toggle "Receive campaign updates" off 

If you’re not seeing the fundraiser you'd like to unsubscribe from, please contact us.

Receiving emails for a donation you didn’t make

It’s very likely that a donor accidentally entered your email address when they made their donation. We always recommend reviewing your bank statement first. If you don’t see any charges you don’t recognize, then you can just unsubscribe to the emails by clicking “unsubscribe” in the email. If you have additional concerns, you can reach our team by clicking “Get help” on this page.

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