Trouble connecting your bank account using your bank portal

In most cases, GoFundMe organizers can set up bank transfers by directly logging into their online bank portal. However, you might have trouble logging in or locating your bank from the list of options. Not to worry, if you encounter any issues, you can simply manually enter your bank details instead.

To manually enter your bank account information, follow these steps:

  1. From your fundraiser dashboard, select “Set up transfers”
  2. Choose who will be receiving the funds. If it's "Your bank account", make sure your email is verified, and then choose "Get started"
  3. Select “Continue to Adyen”, which will bring you to our payment partner’s secure information portal
  4. Choose between "Individual" or "Business"
  5. Select “Add a bank account”
  6. Check the option for “Manually enter bank details”, and then “Next” (shown below)
  7. Enter your bank account information and make sure to “Save”


Since you’re entering your information manually, be sure to double check you’ve entered the account numbers exactly as they’re shown on a check or within your banking portal. Also be sure to use the ACH or electronic routing number and not the wire routing number.

If you're using a Chase bank account, you will see a virtual account number while connecting your bank; this won't match your actual account number. When you select "Back to GoFundMe" you'll see your transfers overview, which will show your own account number.

If you continue to have trouble connecting your bank information, please use the "Contact us" button to contact a member of our support team.

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