Remboursement manquant

Once a refund is issued, funds will return to your card in an average of 7-10 business days (Monday-Friday).

Your bank will apply the refund as a credit to your account or the original charge may disappear entirely from your statement. We encourage you to contact your bank or card provider to ask how they plan to return the funds. If you used a digital payment method, such as Venmo, you can check that account to see what bank account was used. 

If the card you used has been closed, your bank or card provider should have an alternate plan to get the funds back to you. They will likely apply the funds to your previous account balance, send the money to you personally, or return it to our payment processor. Please contact your card provider for next steps.

Si votre carte est toujours valide, mais que vous attendez le remboursement depuis plus de six semaines, contactez-nous pour que nous tentions de trouver les fonds.

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