Getting on the GoFundMe Charity List

Please visit this link to see if your charity is already listed in our database, and search by the tax ID or charity name. This list includes charities that have already registered with PayPal Giving Fund or are listed in the GuideStar nonprofit database, which contains publicly-available data.

United States, United Kingdom, and Canada

Si votre association ne figure pas encore sur notre liste, son administrateur financier peut procéder comme suit pour l'y ajouter :

  1. Create a PayPal account or make sure that your existing PayPal account is upgraded to a business account. Check that here.
  2. Confirm your charity's status here. Once your charity’s status is confirmed, it will be automatically enrolled.
  3. If you are located in California or the UK, you will need to complete a third step. Please enroll in PayPal Giving Fund using the link in your confirmation email from step two.

Il faut compter un à deux jours pour finaliser l'adhésion et que l'association figure dans notre base de données.


If your charity is registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission and holds deductible gift recipient status (DGR), you’ll be automatically listed on our programs and donors can nominate you as their benefiting charity.

The exception to this is charities which are public or private ancillary funds (these are described as item 2 under its DGR endorsement). PayPal Giving Fund is a Public Ancillary Fund and is therefore not able to make grants to other public or private ancillary funds.

If your charity is registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission and operates a fund, authority or institution which has DGR status (provided it is not item 2), the fund, authority or institution can also be listed on our programs.

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