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What it means to report a fundraiser

GoFundMe is dedicated to empowering people to help others while making sure that our platform is safe and secure. Fortunately, fraud on GoFundMe is rare and if someone creates a fundraiser with the intention to mislead donors, our team takes swift action. 

If you think our team should investigate a fundraiser, please report it to us. If you were a donor, our Trust & Safety team will review your refund request. When a fundraiser is reported, we won't share the name of the person making the report with the organiser or the beneficiary, unless compelled by law or a concern for the safety of our users or others.

Please bear in mind that only fundraisers that violate our terms of service or have a proven misuse of funds will be removed. Personal disputes such as custody or disagreements that don't violate our Terms of Service will not have action taken.

How to report a fundraiser

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