Handling chargebacks

A chargeback happens when a donor contacts their card provider and disputes the payment associated with their donation. Their bank or card issuer then removes the funds from your GoFundMe account and sets them aside while they review the chargeback request.  

This usually happens when a donor doesn't recognise the charge on their account and calls their card company out of concern, and you can use the following options if you’d like to dispute or challenge the chargeback.

I know the donor and they did not intentionally dispute the donation

If you know the donor personally, try contacting them to remind them what their donation was for. They can then call their card provider to drop the chargeback or donate to your fundraiser again.

I don't know the donor but I want to challenge the chargeback

If you don’t know the donor and want to challenge the chargeback, please contact our team by clicking "Contact us", and we'll work with the parties involved to try to resolve this.

Otherwise, you can concede to the chargeback and return your donor's payment.

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